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Korin Shiro-Ko Hongasumi Yanagi 10.5" 24cm (KV-HKR-SHYA-240-JKO)

Korin Shiro-Ko Hongasumi Yanagi 10.5" 24cm (KV-HKR-SHYA-240-JKO)

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Product Details
  • Yanagi (Sashimi Slicer)
  • Carbon Steel
  • White Steel #2
  • Hongasumi
  • Magnolia Wooden Saya Included
  • Single-sided Bevel
  • Magnolia Wood Handle
  • Water Buffalo Horn Bolster
  • HRC: 61
  • Made in Japan

Item No: KV-HKR-SHYA-240-JKO

The Korin Shiro-ko Hongasumi knives are forged in Japan from a combination of white carbon steel #2 and soft iron steel, then handled with magnolia wood and a water buffalo bolster. White steel’s pure carbon content allows for the sharpest cutting edge. The main difference between the kasumi and hongasumi line is found in the crafting process. More steps, higher level craftsmen, and greater attention to detail are involved when crafting hongasumi knives, therefore are more refined than kasumi knives.

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