Call us toll-free 1-833-695-3474 (MYJ-DISH)


Q: How do I open a business account and receive a wholesale discount?

A: If you operate a restaurant or a retail business, you may apply for a business account by creating a log-in and provide us with your business information. Upon approval, you will be able to see the wholesale prices the next time you log-in.


Q: How long is the order processing? If we choose to ship by Standard Shipping, when will we receive the products?

A: Once you have placed an order, we will provide you with an order confirmation within 24-48 hours (Mon-Fri). In order to protect your products during shipping, we take extra care to pack our merchandise. Your order is usually shipped out within 48 hours upon payment confirmation; larger orders may take extra time. Our standard shipping to Ontario is 1-2 days, Quebec 2-3 days and 3-7 days for other provinces. We will provide you with a tracking number once it becomes available. Please feel free to contact us for other shipping options. 


Q: If I want my order to arrive sooner, are there any other shipping methods to choose from?

A: We have various shipping option to meet your need. Please feel free to contact us for express delivery options and quotation. You may use your own courier account for us to ship collect. You can pick up your order at J-Dish Co. at no extra cost.


Q: Can I use my business account with in-store purchase?

A: Yes, the same discount applies whether you order online, through the phone, or in-store. 


Q: Do you sell and ship to restaurants and retailers in the US?

A: If you are purchasing our products for a restaurant or a retail business in the continental US, you are able to receive a trade discount. Please note we do not sell tea to our US customers. Please contact us at or call us at 1-833-695-3474 for more information.