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Nenohi Shiro-ko Highest Grade Hongasumi Mirror Finish 27cm (Right-handed) by Dentoukougeishi with Saya (KV-HNE-DSHHMYA-270-JKO)

Nenohi Shiro-ko Highest Grade Hongasumi Mirror Finish 27cm (Right-handed) by Dentoukougeishi with Saya (KV-HNE-DSHHMYA-270-JKO)

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Product Details
  • Yanagi (Sashimi Slicer)
  • Made by Dentoukougeishi craftsmen
  • Hongasumi
  • White Steel #2
  • Mirror Finish
  • Wavy Katana Design on Back
  • Extra Thin Profile
  • Magnolia Wooden Saya Included
  • Single-sided Bevel
  • Magnolia Wood Handle
  • Water Buffalo Horn Bolster
  • HRC: 61
  • Made in Japan


About Dentoukougeishi: 伝統工芸氏 [Dentoukougeishi] are traditional craftsmen acknowledged by the Japanese government. These craftsmen are recognized for their commitment to protecting traditional Japanese art and practices. Required features of a Dentoukougeishi are those who are highly skilled in their chosen craft, handcrafted, and has generations of history behind the craft and the crafter. Dentoukougeishi work under the protection of Japan and the local governments. In 1974, a law stating the conditions of the traditional Japanese products were defined by the minister of economy. The law states that traditional Japanese crafts must be a product used in daily life, must be handmade, the raw material must be the same material used for hundreds of years, and must remain a regional craft. The law aimed to protect and preserve tradition but also discouraged craftsmen’s willingness to take upon challenges and new innovations. Despite art being something that evolves and changes throughout the generations, craftsmen do not want to create a piece that deviates from established practices, and risk rejection. Raw material in Japan is also very expensive, therefore craftsmen must import material from other countries. Not only are the raw materials costly, but Japanese wages are considered amongst the highest in the world, which in turn makes each piece even more expensive.