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Masamoto VG-10 Yanagi 10.5" (27cm) w/Saya - Right (KV-HMA-VGYA-270-JKO)

Masamoto VG-10 Yanagi 10.5" (27cm) w/Saya - Right (KV-HMA-VGYA-270-JKO)

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Product Details
  • Yanagi (Sashimi Slicer)
  • Stain-Resistant Steel
  • VG-10
  • Magnolia Wooden Saya Included
  • Single-sided Bevel
  • Magnolia Wood Handle
  • Water Buffalo Horn Bolster
  • HRC: 61 - 62
  • Made in Japan

Item No: KV-HMA-VGYA-270-JKO

The Masamoto VG Series Japanese traditional-style Yanagiba knife is the highest grade Yanagiba that Masamoto produces in stainless steel. The knife has a solid VG-10 high carbon stainless steel blade (HRC: 61-62) that offers similar cutting performance to Masamoto’s Japanese traditional-style knives made from high carbon steel, however, VG-10 is much easier to maintain due to its excellent rust-resistance, The knife is fitted with a ‘D-shaped’ traditional Japanese magnolia wood handle with a water buffalo horn bolster and also includes a matching magnolia wood Saya (Sheath) for safekeeping.